Positive Time and Leave Reporting


PTLR was created to allow a more efficient and friendly way to capture time and leave for employees. This tool is online for easy access anywhere on any of the Olympic College campuses.


To get started you will need your SID and Employee Pin. Both of these can be found after going to the site's login page. Login to PTLR  (Click Camera to watch Login Tutorial)Link to Video File 





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PTLR makes many of the functions of supervision much easier. Maintaining time and leave in one location are one of them. However, there are a few things that may be confusing at first. Including logging into the system, approving time sheets, and monitoring hours.

Although this training is for the program, it is important to realize that this tool reflects not only a process of capturing time worked, but also assists in compliance with other state and local regulations, policies and guidelines. Before getting into the program itself it is important to review some very important factors in supervising the many differnt employee classifications at Olympic College.

Important Items for Supervisors: (Hover over topic to get more information)

  1. Employees MUST be approved and processed through HR prior to hire date.
  2. Timesheets must be approved by the last day of the pay period.
  3. Employees should not create their timesheets ahead of time, nor should they copy old ones.
  4. Prior to going on leave ensure an alternate supervisor has been added and is aware you will be on leave.
  5. The first day of School Closures will be indicated by Entry Type K - and will be set by Payroll
  6. If the timesheet type shows the wrong format, contact HR to verify PPMS settings.
  7. Verify Leave Type, proper use of Overtime, and adequate mealtime guidelines have been followed.


Supervisors are responsible for following the policies and procedures regarding employee compensation and leave. This includes overtime, comp. time, meal breaks, and split shifts. Following these guidelines will help ensure all employees fair and ethical treatment.

Rules Governing Time Worked -

1. There are two time periods during the month

a.1st through the 15th

b.16th through the 30th/31st

c. The standard Work Week is from Sunday to Saturday.

d. Overtime is calculated by the work week, and may be accrued on different time sheets.

2. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that any employee who is paid an hourly wage and has worked over 40 hours in a 7 day work week must be paid overtime.

3. Rest Periods of 15 minutes will be allowed at or near the middle of each one half shift of 4 or more hours. Rest periods are not to be used for late arrival, early departure, or extended meal times.

4. Department of Labor and Industries rules state that Unpaid Meal Periods for employees working more than 5 consecutive hours will be a minimium of 30 minutes and scheduled for as close to the middle of the shift as possible. Meal periods may not be used for late arrival, early departure or rest periods.


Using PTLR


As a supervisor, you will receive emails from the PTLR system stating that each of your employees has submitted a timesheet. The link within the email will take you to the login screen for PTLR.

After logging in, the section on the left side of the screen marked Supervisor has the tools you will use to manage your employees. If you click on

Approve Timesheets you can select the timesheets you wish to approve. You will see the timesheets for the employees that report to you, and any for which you are the alternate approver.

Supervisor Block.JPG supervisor_approval.jpg


Approving Timesheets for Full Time Employees



On the Timesheet page you can review all the information on the timesheet and add remarks if necessary. For instructions on how to add remarks please refer to the document "PTLR User Guide – Full Time Employees".

One other option for supervisors is to mark vacation entries (V-8) as "Not Preapproved". Vacations that have not been requested at least 4 hours prior to when the leave is taken are considered "Not Preapproved".   Click on a vacation entry to toggle its status:



Not Preapproved


Finally, to approve a timesheet click the "Approve Timesheet" button at the bottom of the page or, if you wish to reject that timesheet, click the "Reject" button (Note: comment is required when rejecting timesheets).


To Reject the Timesheets add a comment in the text box and click Reject.

Special Attention - Approving Timesheets for Hourly Employees

There are three different cases for approving timesheets for hourly employees which are distinguished by the number of budgets on each individual timesheet

  1. Timesheets with one budget.
  2. Timesheets with multiple budgets but without grants.
  3. Timesheets with multiple budgets, one or more of those budgets being a grant budget.


Approving timesheets with one budget

There are no special steps required prior to approving such timesheets as all hours will be assigned to the budget listed for that job. See below for further approval instructions.

Approving Timesheets with multiple budgets but without grants

Prior to approving this type of timesheet the supervisor is required to specify the distribution of hours worked between the available budgets associated with the timesheet (Note: if the budget information on a timesheet is incorrect, please contact your Payroll department to make necessary adjustments).

To specify the distribution of hours, use the "Budget Allocation" interface located just below the "Remarks" section of the timesheet:


  1. Select either "percent" or "hours" as a means of allocating the total from the "Allocate budgets by:" dropdown list.
  2. Enter the values for the distribution (Note: values must add up to the total number of hours worked or 100%, depending on your allocation choice.)
  3. Click the "Approve Timesheet" button.

An error message will appear if any mathematical or other errors occur.


Approving Timesheets with multiple budgets, one or more of those budgets being a grant budget

Per federal mandate, prior to approving such timesheets the supervisor is required to specify the distribution of hours worked between the available budgets on a timesheet, FOR EACH TIMESHEET ENTRY (Note: if the budget information on a timesheet is incorrect, please contact your payroll department to make necessary adjustments).

To specify the distribution of hours, enter the appropriate values for each budget entry, similar to the example shown below:

After entering values for all timesheet entries click the "Approve Timesheet" button to send the timesheet to Payroll.




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The PTLR system replaces the Excel Spreadsheet process used for reporting time.



The Home page is where employees are able to create new timesheets and also see the list of their active timesheets (those that have not been processed by payroll).

Navigation menu options vary slightly depending on employee classification or work area. Classified employees will have a Work Hours option in the navigation pane on the left.

Create, Edit and Submit Work Hours

This feature is available only for overtime-eligible employees; Washington State requires a record of positive time. On the Home page (Figure 2), a section called "My Weekly Work Hours" is located toward the bottom of the screen. If an employee has not created a weekly work schedule previously, a button titled "Enter My Work Hours" will appear at the bottom of this section:

Work hours need to be submitted in order to be finalized. Submitting work hours sends an e-mail to the employee's primary supervisor letting him or her know what that work schedule is and sets the work schedule's status to "Finalized". Until that happens, the work schedule will remain a "Draft" and the following message will be displayed on the Home page and on the Timesheet page:

If an employee has submitted their work hours, those hours will be displayed on the Home page along with an Edit Work Hours button:


To Enter Work Hours

Click on the "Work Hours" link in the navigation pane to go to the "My Work Hours" page.

Select day of the week, start time, end time, and meal break and then click the "Add to My Work Hours" button to add that entry to your work hours. You can also edit or delete existing entries by clicking on the "Edit" or "Delete" links in the column titled "Action".


  1. Every time a change is made to the work hours, the employee must re-submit them by clicking the "Submit Work Hours" button or the Work Hours will remain in "Draft" form.
  2. The total number of work hours cannot exceed 40.
  3. The employee's supervisor is notified via e-mail every time work hours are submitted.

Importing work hours onto a timesheet (for overtime-eligible employees only)

If your work hours have been submitted they can be imported onto a timesheet as positive time entries (shown as "W") by clicking the "Import My Work Hours" button:

You may also choose not to import work hours by clicking the "No Thanks" button (only this timesheet will be affected).


When importing work hours, any existing entries on a timesheet will be deleted.


Adding entries to a timesheet and editing existing entries

To add a new entry to a timesheet:

  1. Select the day from the "Date" dropdown list.
  2. Select a type of entry from the "Entry Type" dropdown list ("V – Vacation", "S – Sick", etc.).
  3. Enter the duration in the "Duration" text box.



If you decided not to import your work schedule onto a timesheet you can still enter positive time by selecting "W – Positive Time" from the "Entry Type" dropdown list.

Editing and deleting timesheet entries

To edit a timesheet entry:

  1. Click on the entry in the calendar (ex: "S – 8") you want to edit. Details of the entry will be displayed above the timesheet.
  2. Update the information using the same interface described in the "Add Entry" section.
  3. Click the "Update" button.

To delete a timesheet entry:

  1. Click on the entry in the calendar you want to delete. Details of the entry will be displayed above the timesheet.
  2. Click the "Delete" button.






Exempt Employees will be using PTLR to track leave that has been taken during the course of the pay period. If you have not taken leave you will not have to submit a timesheet.

Rules governing Leave:

Personal Holiday requires taking the full day at 8 hours (or 10 if you are working four 10 hour shifts)


If you supervise employees please visit the Supervisors Section of this training sheet.

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Full Time Faculty will use PTLR to record Leave taken during a specific pay period during their contract days.

During Breaks or activities not considered part of their normal contract time you will fill in the hourly time sheet that will appear in your home screen. An important item to remember during summer breaks is that the faculty contract does not appear. It will again appear upon return during the fall.

Pay Periods:

1st through 15th

16 throught 31st

If you supervise hourly or exempt employees, you will also need to see the Supervisor Sections for information in your role as supervisor. If you are paid in other capacities as an hourly employee, please view the Part Time Hourly and Students Section.


As a faculty member you will not have V- for Vacation time as shown in the video below. However you will have Sick leave and other forms of leave that will appear in your drop down menu.

View the brief 7 minute tutorial for instructions on using PTLR to enter your leave Link to Video File .




Create Time Sheet Exempt.jpg

The time sheet will look like this:

Exempt and FT Faculty Time Sheet.jpg


Enter Leave by Using the Add Entry Drop down boxes:


Add Remarks and Submit or Delete the Timesheet using the buttons below. Only Click Submit Timesheet when you are ready to submit at the end of the pay period.






Part-Time Hourly and Students

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Part Hourly and Students requre

Click Camera Icon for Video Instructions on completing timesheets. Link to Video File 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help?

Email ptlrsupport@olympic.edu or contact one of the Super Users:

Tess Harrison – tharrison@olympic.edu

 Laurie Larson – llarson@olympic.edu

 Sandy Johnson – sjohnson2@olympic.edu

 Naomi Saunders – nsaunders@olympic.edu

Nora Downard - ndownard@olympic.edu


Will PTLR be accessible off campus?

Yes, this will be available shortly, we are working through the details of network security to ensure it is safe to use from the web.


Is online training available?

Yes, however currently it can only be viewed from on campus.  There are links on the log in page and in the Main Menu portion of the tool.

You can also click here to view it:



How do I make a shortcut on the for PTLR on my

·         Right-click on the desktop

·         Click New

·         Click Shortcut

·         Copy this URL into the box that appears:


·         Click Next

·         Then in the next box that appears type:


·         Click Finish


How will the time periods and pay change for Part-Time Hourly, Students, and Work Study?

These employees will now be paid twice a month on the 10th and 25th of each month.  The time periods will be:

1st -15th (paid on the 25th)

16th-30/31st (paid on the 10th of the next month)

The paycheck for time worked from July 16th through July 31st. will be paid Aug. 10th

The paycheck for time worked from August 1st through August 15th will be paid August 25th.


Do Exempt and Full Time faculty have to submit timesheets when they have not taken leave?

No, Exempt and Full Time Faculty only have to submit timesheets when they have taken leave.  If they do not take leave they do not have to submit the timesheet.  However it is important to note that leave taken may cross over a pay period, defined above, and the employee should take note of the requirement to submit leave according to the respective pay periods.


As a Faculty or Exempt employee, why do I have an hourly time sheet job in addition to my normal job?

If you have non-teaching or other work outside your normal contractual obligation, you will need to submit positive time for this work.


If we have someone who is not the supervisor checking time cards before the supervisor signs it, how will this work?

There is a process established that allows "alternate" approvers to approve timesheets.  These alternate approvers may or may not be supervisors but they must be full-time employees.   The Budget Administrators have been asked to establish alternate approvers.