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Full Time Faculty will use PTLR to record Leave taken during a specific pay period during their contract days.

During Breaks or activities not considered part of their normal contract time you will fill in the hourly time sheet that will appear in your home screen. An important item to remember during summer breaks is that the faculty contract does not appear. It will again appear upon return during the fall.

Pay Periods:

1st through 15th

16 throught 31st

If you supervise hourly or exempt employees, you will also need to see the Supervisor Sections for information in your role as supervisor. If you are paid in other capacities as an hourly employee, please view the Part Time Hourly and Students Section.


As a faculty member you will not have V- for Vacation time as shown in the video below. However you will have Sick leave and other forms of leave that will appear in your drop down menu.

View the brief 7 minute tutorial for instructions on using PTLR to enter your leave Link to Video File .




Create Time Sheet Exempt.jpg

The time sheet will look like this:

Exempt and FT Faculty Time Sheet.jpg


Enter Leave by Using the Add Entry Drop down boxes:


Add Remarks and Submit or Delete the Timesheet using the buttons below. Only Click Submit Timesheet when you are ready to submit at the end of the pay period.