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The PTLR system replaces the Excel Spreadsheet process used for reporting time.



The Home page is where employees are able to create new timesheets and also see the list of their active timesheets (those that have not been processed by payroll).

Navigation menu options vary slightly depending on employee classification or work area. Classified employees will have a Work Hours option in the navigation pane on the left.


Create, Edit and Submit Work Hours

This feature is available only for overtime-eligible employees; Washington State requires a record of positive time. On the Home page (Figure 2), a section called "My Weekly Work Hours" is located toward the bottom of the screen. If an employee has not created a weekly work schedule previously, a button titled "Enter My Work Hours" will appear at the bottom of this section:

Work hours need to be submitted in order to be finalized. Submitting work hours sends an e-mail to the employee's primary supervisor letting him or her know what that work schedule is and sets the work schedule's status to "Finalized". Until that happens, the work schedule will remain a "Draft" and the following message will be displayed on the Home page and on the Timesheet page:

If an employee has submitted their work hours, those hours will be displayed on the Home page along with an Edit Work Hours button:


To Enter Work Hours

Click on the "Work Hours" link in the navigation pane to go to the "My Work Hours" page.

Select day of the week, start time, end time, and meal break and then click the "Add to My Work Hours" button to add that entry to your work hours. You can also edit or delete existing entries by clicking on the "Edit" or "Delete" links in the column titled "Action".


  1. Every time a change is made to the work hours, the employee must re-submit them by clicking the "Submit Work Hours" button or the Work Hours will remain in "Draft" form.
  2. The total number of work hours cannot exceed 40.
  3. The employee's supervisor is notified via e-mail every time work hours are submitted.

Importing work hours onto a timesheet (for overtime-eligible employees only)

If your work hours have been submitted they can be imported onto a timesheet as positive time entries (shown as "W") by clicking the "Import My Work Hours" button:

You may also choose not to import work hours by clicking the "No Thanks" button (only this timesheet will be affected).


When importing work hours, any existing entries on a timesheet will be deleted.


Adding entries to a timesheet and editing existing entries

To add a new entry to a timesheet:

  1. Select the day from the "Date" dropdown list.
  2. Select a type of entry from the "Entry Type" dropdown list ("V – Vacation", "S – Sick", etc.).
  3. Enter the duration in the "Duration" text box.



If you decided not to import your work schedule onto a timesheet you can still enter positive time by selecting "W – Positive Time" from the "Entry Type" dropdown list.

Editing and deleting timesheet entries

To edit a timesheet entry:

  1. Click on the entry in the calendar (ex: "S – 8") you want to edit. Details of the entry will be displayed above the timesheet.
  2. Update the information using the same interface described in the "Add Entry" section.
  3. Click the "Update" button.

To delete a timesheet entry:

  1. Click on the entry in the calendar you want to delete. Details of the entry will be displayed above the timesheet.
  2. Click the "Delete" button.