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Tab Title: Time and Leave Information

Tab Content:

1. What are the pay periods and when do we get paid?

There are two time periods during the month

a.1st through the 15th (Paid on the 25th)

b.16th through the 30th/31st (Paid on the 10th)

2. What is the standard work week and what is considered overtime?

The standard Work Week is from Sunday to Saturday. Washington Labor Laws state that any employee who is paid an hourly wage and has worked over 40 hours in a 7 day work week must be paid overtime.

3. How are rest and meal times determined?

Rest Periods of 15 minutes will be allowed at or near the middle of each one half shift of 4 or more hours. Rest periods are not to be used for late arrival, early departure, or extended meal times.

Unpaid Meal Periods for employees working more than 5 consecutive hours will be a minimium of 30 minutes and scheduled for as close to the middle of the shift as possible. Meal periods may not be used for late arrival, early departure or rest periods.

4. If I have personal days how do I use them in PTLR?

Personal Days must be taken in full 8 hour increments.

Tab Title: Supervisors

Tab Content:

1. How do my employees get into the system?

As soon as their hiring paperwork is complete they will automatically be entered into the system. However if they start working before they are in the system they will not be paid appropriately.

2. How do I have someone approve or review timesheets in my place?

Contact payroll and fill out an alternate approver form. This will allow someone who is not a supervisor approve or reject timesheets in your place.

3. If my employees are not on campus on the day timesheets are due, how can I get them submitted?

If they know they are not going to be on campus have them submit the timesheets before they leave.

Tab Title: Classified

Tab Content:

1. When shoudl I create a timesheet? Is it ok to make them in advance?

Create timesheets only for the current pay period. (Timesheets are a snapshot in time, and will not reflect any changes in leave after it is created.)

2. If I'm working a different shift this week should I change my Work Hours?

The Work Hours section is only a template to fill in the time sheet. These should only have the normal working hours, and should not be changed due to temporary changes in work hours.

3. How do I change my timesheet after I have submitted it to my supervisor?

Have your supervisor reject the timesheet. This will allow you to edit the timesheet again.

Tab Title: Exempt/Faculty

Tab Content:

1. What will I use PTLR for as an Exempt or Full Time Faculty Member?

Exempt and Full Time Faculty will use PTLR to capture Vacation, Sick and other types of leave.

2. If I don't take leave do I have to submit a timesheet?

No, you only have to submit a timesheet when you have used leave.

3. As a FT Faculty member why do I see a Part-Time Hourly timesheet?

If you are active in activities that fall outside of normal contract duties, you will need to fill out the hourly timesheet in order to receive pay for the hours worked in that activity.

Tab Title: Part-Time/Hourly

Tab Content:

1. What if I have more than one job?

You will have to fill out a timesheet for each of the jobs you are working. Make sure you put the correct times in each timesheet. The total working hours for all jobs will be monitored by the system.

2. It asks about meal periods when working over 5 hours. Do I have to take a meal period?

If you work over 5 hours you are required to take an unpaid meal break.

Tab Title: PTLR

Tab Content:

For more information, please select the tab appropriate for your job classification.

If you have questions please contact the Help Desk at x7600

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